WaterBrick- 3.5 Gallon Tan (10 pack)


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WaterBrick is a brilliant way to save on storage space. Each brick can hold up to 3.5 gallons of liquid. The WaterBrick Stackable 10 container pack can hold a total of 35 gallons of liquid or 270 pounds of other dried foods. WaterBricks are highly convenient to store because they can be taken apart and stored separately. WaterBricks also fit under the bed or in a closet to save on storage space, they can also be used as an end table. WaterBricks can be taken apart and be brought along on a camping trip or any other outdoor affair. Other large gallon drums do not have the freedom to be broken down. WaterBricks are made of high density polyethylene so that they can withstand the normal wear and tear that a product goes through.

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