Cat Survival Kit - Basic


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Many preppers haven't included their furry little friends in their emergency preparations and we have found a way to help remedy that problem. The Pet Emergency Supply Kits are a simple, quick way to have some basic supplies on hand to care for your pets in time of need.

Food & Water

  • (2x) Cat Folding Food Dish
  • (6x) 4.2oz Water Pouches
  • (2x) 6oz Cat Food


  • (1x) Cat Litter Tray
  • (1x) Cat Litter
  • (1x) Cat Litter Shovel

First Aid

  • (1x) 53 Pc First Aid Kit
  • (1x) Self Stick Bandage
  • (1x) Tweezers
  • (1x) Trauma Shears
  • (1x) Pair of Nitrile Gloves
  • (1x) Pet Splint Set
  • (2x) 4x4 Sterile Gauze
  • (1x) Pet First Aid Book


  • (1x) Light Stick
  • (1x) Signal Whistle
  • (1x) Emergency Reflective Blanket
  • (1x) Collar
  • (1x) Leash
  • (1x) Large Nylon Bag
  • (1x) Cat Toy Mouse
  • (1x) Cat Toy Teaser
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