Why Water is so Important for Survival

Posted on January 22 2020

Why Water is so Important for Survival

Individuals all over the globe have made the new year’s resolution to “drink more water,” but what is it about water that is so important to our health? Why is it that we need water in order to survive? This blog explores the many different reasons why water is essential to our survival.  In addition, it is important to keep water storage on hand in your home to be readily available in the event of an emergency.  Since we need water in order to survive, we must be prepared to maintain our survival if our water supply was cut.  This blog will also explore the different water storage options available. 

The first reason we need water to survive is because drinking water helps to keep our body temperature at normal standards.  Through physical activity, heat, and other strenuous activities, our bodies respond by sweating, which directly causes us to lose water from our overall body composition.  Failing to give water back to our bodies after sweating causes our temperatures to rise to an unhealthy level.  Drinking water keeps you hydrated and keeps your electrolyte levels stable and healthy.   

Drinking water protects your body in other ways, too.  Water creates a safety net around your joints, spinal cord, and tissues, making you less susceptible to ailments like arthritis.  Water also acts as a flusher to help the body excrete toxins through urination, sweating, and defecation.  Drinking water helps you to digest food, absorb nutrients, and fight off illnesses. Essentially, water keeps things moving swiftly throughout the inside of the body.  Water keeps us hydrated and healthy 

Knowing what we know about water’s essential properties to our overall health, it is important that we also know how to safely store water in case of an emergency where we would otherwise not have access to a clean supply.  Survival Gear Shop sells water bricks that are used to store up to 35 gallons of water at a time.  Filling up the water bricks with fresh water and storing them in your home gives you the security of knowing you will have fresh water for drinking and showering in the event of a natural disaster.  With water storage bricks, your stored supply is kept safe, clean, and secure.   

In conclusion, water is essential for our survival.  We would not be able to function internally for long without water intake.  It is extremely important to not only drink water, but to have water readily available to us at all times.  Visit our website to check out different water storage options and make sure to follow your 2020 resolution: drink more water! 

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